Crazy Love–Essential in a Crazy World


photo with lavender2Welcome to my blog, Essentials for the Ages, where I am learning about God’s crazy love for me, which is totally essential in this crazy world we live in.  My personal crazy world includes living life with 3 generations in one home, including my awesome mountain-man husband, my three littles (two boys and a girl), and my semi-retired dad.

We recently lost the 4th generation, my grandmother, my dad’s mom, to a short battle with cancer that rocked my world.  As a result, I have really begun to rethink many things in my life, especially how to live a life of crazy love toward my family and others, an essential component of a life well lived in Christ!

This blog captures the resulting changes in our family, this incredible journey we’re on together and how we’re allowing the crazy love of our Father to bring healing from our loss, teach us a new approach, His approach, to health, home education, home business, and to live a life of service to others.  Recently, the Lord revolutionized my understanding of what it means to serve others in my own community after the annual weekend event, IF: Gathering, and I’m excited to see where this leads me next.

I hope my lessons in learning to live out these essentials, including our family adventures, encourage you to also live and love with crazy love.  We are a homeschooling family with many unconventional approaches to life.  I’m so excited to be sharing our journey with you!


DISCLAIMER: Any and all information provided anywhere in this blog is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and address any health or medical needs you may have with your physician. Please seek professional help when needed.