My Second Anniversary–An Essential Oil Skeptic No More!

Brothers--best buds!These are my thoughts for the morning as I celebrate my second anniversary with a company that is changing lives! (Warning, long post, but please read to the end where I explain my long-term goal and how you can help serve others in need!)

I’ve had very few passions in life…my Lord Jesus, aviation, my husband, my children, women’s ministry, and the newest addition is Young Living (YL) essential oils.  I stumbled into Young Living when I was caring for my grandmother, and saw immediate and eye-opening benefits for our family. I was an essential oil skeptic, just as most of you, before then…seriously! I have a story of having tried YL’s Thieves oil two years earlier during a camping trip, and I had written essential oils off as ineffective.  Yep that was me! Can any of you relate?  But I stumbled onto some impressive research by medical doctors and PhD researchers about essential oils which caused me to take a second look. I also prayed a lot about getting involved in YL, and talked to friends who coached me in how to use them effectively for the second go around, so I tried again.  I also learned why my first exposure was ineffective…user error! I’ve seen Young Living products become a very effective tool in my family’s wellness toolkit.  And yes, I’ve tried other brands, but didn’t get the results I expected, and later found out that the quality standards weren’t the same as Young Living.


After 2 years with Young Living, I’m now more fully convinced of the benefits of these oils for my family, and have loved investing in my Young Living teammates, helping people to help people.  A few of the things our family has experienced in the past two years:

  • Quick relief from the occasional digestive distress with DiGize;ImmuneFinal
  • Drastically improved immune systems—kids have been well two winters in a row and husband hasn’t needed to take a single day off from work in two years;
  • Boys being boys;)–our wellness kit is exceptionally quick acting and very comprehensive with Valor and Melrose oil blends, lavender, cypress, and Helichrysum oils. By applying valor or lavender at first cry, skin discoloration rarely even happens now.
  • I threw out 2 large shoe-boxes full of bottles, ointments, and other store-bought products because they had expired! We never needed to use them!  All that’s left are non-toxic items like bandages, rubbing alcohol, gauze, wraps, skin glue, hot and cold packs, thermometers and such.  We rarely even need to open this box up anymore!  Of course, boys being boys, the bandages are my most used item!
  • My husband came home the loser in a battle between a heavy workout plate and his thumb—valor and lavender were our heroes for the day!  The next night, the battle wasn’t even noticeable!  Normally a battle like that would have taken a week or more to resolve.
  • Whenever the kids need breathing help, our upper respiratory helpers have been Thieves, RC, and Raven oil blends. Diffusing these oil blends (one at a time) help in only 30 minutes, 3-4 times a day.
  • The Period BombMy friend during my regular monthly time has been to drink Ningxia Red daily (1-2 oz.) and bu-bye discomfort! Also, DiGize is very comforting on the stomach a day or two before, during the bloating stage.  Many have explained how the recipe in this graphic also helps them!
  • These are just a few of our stories, and don’t even include the stories my friend’s have passed along to us. Needless to say, we’ve experienced first-hand the health and wellness benefits of using Young Living products!

After our family’s first success using essential oils, I began sharing about essential oils to my local friends, who also began using these products and then they shared with their friends, and boom, an accidental paycheck occurred.  As my unintended business grew, I began to see how much we, as a team, were helping others and began pursuing the business side in earnest about 3 months after I began using Young Living.  In the process, I found a new passion, teaching and coaching others about using Young Living essential oils.  I love coaching new members and helping them get the most bang for their buck!  I love helping them learn how to improve their kids immune system so that it functions optimally.  I love throwing in coaching about how healthy diets are necessary for optimal health, even if using essential oils.  I love hearing the stories from my team after an oil or product exceeds expectations.  I love educating others about the benefits of non-toxic skin care products, since the skin care industry is unregulated.  (Have you used the toxicity app, Think Dirty?  You can scan a UPC code on a product and the app will rate the product from 0-10 for toxicity.  It’s great!  I found out that artificial fragrance is the new second-hand smoke and always rates a product at a 9 or 10 in this app.)


I know it’s not for everyone, and many of you have probably un-followed me in FB because of my YL posts.  For those who stayed, thank you!!  If this business was just about money, I’d have been gone long ago (I left another company for this and several other reasons a few years back). This is about friends, and strangers who have become friends, whose lives are drastically improved. Even my grandmother used them and asked me for them, despite trusting 100% in the western medical paradigm.  Her favorites were Lavender, peppermint, Aroma Ease, and Frankincense, by the way.


With all that said, when you’re ready to get started, I hope you’ll reach out to me!  I don’t expect this post to convince anyone, but I’d love to send you a sample, if you’d like to try them out!  Then, I’ll come alongside you and help coach you in the beginning, giving you some great tools and a welcome gift. I’ll help you use the products that best fit your budget!  Keeping within your family’s budget is very important, my family lives on a budget, too! You’ll be joining a larger team where we all support and encourage each other in our pursuit of wellness, purpose, and abundance.  For me, abundance means an abundance of energy to serve my family, an abundance of joy to bless others, an abundance of resources to serve the least of these, and an abundance of friendships with like-minded people!  I love Young Living and the life we live now!!!  My long-term goal with Young Living, as my business grows through serving others, is to use the income generated to resume my love of aviation and get involved in the Angel Flight ministry, offering free flights to those needing transportation to medical appointments.  (  Will you help me reach this goal?  If so, I’m asking friends to host a “spa party” for me.  We’ll pamper ourselves with oil-infused sugar scrub, learn a bit about the basics of essential oils, and have a great time with friends.  Email me through the link on the right and I’ll get back in touch with you this week.  And, yes, I can do a virtual class, if you don’t live nearby!

To get started with Young Living, read my page here about the different options:  How to order Young Living.

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