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About Erin

I love serving my family and serving others and am doing my best to love others like Jesus loved me. As a wife and mother to three energetic children, I feel responsible for keeping myself and my family healthy. Nothing has helped our wellness better than Young Living products. I love teaching classes and coaching families to incorporate essential oils, so that they can focus on their family's wellness, too. Our favorites are Thieves oil, Lavender, Peace and Calming, Thieves cleaner and Ningxia Red!

My Second Anniversary–An Essential Oil Skeptic No More!

Brothers--best buds!These are my thoughts for the morning as I celebrate my second anniversary with a company that is changing lives! (Warning, long post, but please read to the end where I explain my long-term goal and how you can help serve others in need!)

I’ve had very few passions in life…my Lord Jesus, aviation, my husband, my children, women’s ministry, and the newest addition is Young Living (YL) essential oils.  I stumbled into Young Living when I was caring for my grandmother, and saw immediate and eye-opening benefits for our family. I was an essential oil skeptic, just as most of you, before then…seriously! I have a story of having tried YL’s Thieves oil two years earlier during a camping trip, and I had written essential oils off as ineffective.  Yep that was me! Can any of you relate?  But I stumbled onto some impressive research by medical doctors and PhD researchers about essential oils which caused me to take a second look. I also prayed a lot about getting involved in YL, and talked to friends who coached me in how to use them effectively for the second go around, so I tried again.  I also learned why my first exposure was ineffective…user error! I’ve seen Young Living products become a very effective tool in my family’s wellness toolkit.  And yes, I’ve tried other brands, but didn’t get the results I expected, and later found out that the quality standards weren’t the same as Young Living.


After 2 years with Young Living, I’m now more fully convinced of the benefits of these oils for my family, and have loved investing in my Young Living teammates, helping people to help people.  A few of the things our family has experienced in the past two years:

  • Quick relief from the occasional digestive distress with DiGize;ImmuneFinal
  • Drastically improved immune systems—kids have been well two winters in a row and husband hasn’t needed to take a single day off from work in two years;
  • Boys being boys;)–our wellness kit is exceptionally quick acting and very comprehensive with Valor and Melrose oil blends, lavender, cypress, and Helichrysum oils. By applying valor or lavender at first cry, skin discoloration rarely even happens now.
  • I threw out 2 large shoe-boxes full of bottles, ointments, and other store-bought products because they had expired! We never needed to use them!  All that’s left are non-toxic items like bandages, rubbing alcohol, gauze, wraps, skin glue, hot and cold packs, thermometers and such.  We rarely even need to open this box up anymore!  Of course, boys being boys, the bandages are my most used item!
  • My husband came home the loser in a battle between a heavy workout plate and his thumb—valor and lavender were our heroes for the day!  The next night, the battle wasn’t even noticeable!  Normally a battle like that would have taken a week or more to resolve.
  • Whenever the kids need breathing help, our upper respiratory helpers have been Thieves, RC, and Raven oil blends. Diffusing these oil blends (one at a time) help in only 30 minutes, 3-4 times a day.
  • The Period BombMy friend during my regular monthly time has been to drink Ningxia Red daily (1-2 oz.) and bu-bye discomfort! Also, DiGize is very comforting on the stomach a day or two before, during the bloating stage.  Many have explained how the recipe in this graphic also helps them!
  • These are just a few of our stories, and don’t even include the stories my friend’s have passed along to us. Needless to say, we’ve experienced first-hand the health and wellness benefits of using Young Living products!

After our family’s first success using essential oils, I began sharing about essential oils to my local friends, who also began using these products and then they shared with their friends, and boom, an accidental paycheck occurred.  As my unintended business grew, I began to see how much we, as a team, were helping others and began pursuing the business side in earnest about 3 months after I began using Young Living.  In the process, I found a new passion, teaching and coaching others about using Young Living essential oils.  I love coaching new members and helping them get the most bang for their buck!  I love helping them learn how to improve their kids immune system so that it functions optimally.  I love throwing in coaching about how healthy diets are necessary for optimal health, even if using essential oils.  I love hearing the stories from my team after an oil or product exceeds expectations.  I love educating others about the benefits of non-toxic skin care products, since the skin care industry is unregulated.  (Have you used the toxicity app, Think Dirty?  You can scan a UPC code on a product and the app will rate the product from 0-10 for toxicity.  It’s great!  I found out that artificial fragrance is the new second-hand smoke and always rates a product at a 9 or 10 in this app.)


I know it’s not for everyone, and many of you have probably un-followed me in FB because of my YL posts.  For those who stayed, thank you!!  If this business was just about money, I’d have been gone long ago (I left another company for this and several other reasons a few years back). This is about friends, and strangers who have become friends, whose lives are drastically improved. Even my grandmother used them and asked me for them, despite trusting 100% in the western medical paradigm.  Her favorites were Lavender, peppermint, Aroma Ease, and Frankincense, by the way.


With all that said, when you’re ready to get started, I hope you’ll reach out to me!  I don’t expect this post to convince anyone, but I’d love to send you a sample, if you’d like to try them out!  Then, I’ll come alongside you and help coach you in the beginning, giving you some great tools and a welcome gift. I’ll help you use the products that best fit your budget!  Keeping within your family’s budget is very important, my family lives on a budget, too! You’ll be joining a larger team where we all support and encourage each other in our pursuit of wellness, purpose, and abundance.  For me, abundance means an abundance of energy to serve my family, an abundance of joy to bless others, an abundance of resources to serve the least of these, and an abundance of friendships with like-minded people!  I love Young Living and the life we live now!!!  My long-term goal with Young Living, as my business grows through serving others, is to use the income generated to resume my love of aviation and get involved in the Angel Flight ministry, offering free flights to those needing transportation to medical appointments.  (  Will you help me reach this goal?  If so, I’m asking friends to host a “spa party” for me.  We’ll pamper ourselves with oil-infused sugar scrub, learn a bit about the basics of essential oils, and have a great time with friends.  Email me through the link on the right and I’ll get back in touch with you this week.  And, yes, I can do a virtual class, if you don’t live nearby!

To get started with Young Living, read my page here about the different options:  How to order Young Living.

#1 Tool for a Mom of Very Active Boys!

Mind Blown!  My #1 tool as a mom of very active boys came to the rescue yet again! What is this #1 tool?  Young Living essential oils!   Most of you know I’m a big believer in the power of Young Living essential oils, and they are rightly listed as my #1 tool, but I was seriously in awe today of how well they work!

Boys and their crazy contests! 

Today, even though I’ve been a mom for over 8 years now, I find that the creativity of my very active boys is constantly putting my mommy skills to the test,  and today was no exception!  I can’t post specifics about how we used essential oils today, but needless to say, I definitely put a few of my YL essential oils to the test. YL Helichrysm, melaleuca arternifolia, and Cypress essential oils are worth every penny and are staying within arms reach at all times, especially when dealing with very active boys who like to throw pieces of tree bark at each other and knock holes in each others heads! What’s with boys and their crazy contests!?!

Brothers--best buds!

Best buds!


Well to be specific, there was only one hole, which took me a while to discover, since my son’s cardiovascular system works really well. Not only did we deal with that, but then my oldest son, the one that dealt the bullseye blow to the head, ended up freaking out after he saw the results of his on-target throw and nearly passed out from shock. Guess he’s inherited his mom’s ability to expertly connect with another person’s pain, to the point of experiencing sympathetic shock with them (shhh, I’ve never told this story,  it’s slightly embarrassing,  eek!).

Does sympathetic shock really exist? 

Ok, if you insist,  I’ll tell you what happened…let’s take a little detour to 2 years ago.  As a mother of very active boys, this will help you understand why I take my oils with me… e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e!  Did I ever tell about the time I passed out on a walk with my kids and a friend, when my son wrecked his bike, stopping his fall with his face? Yep, shock took me out, just seeing him wreck and he wasn’t even hurt that bad. Not my proudest mommy moment, ha!  Wish I would have had my oils back then, but that was back when I was incredibly skeptical and hadn’t taken the plunge, yet, into oily health freedom! But since we took the plunge, we’ve never looked back! Want to know what I mean by oily health freedom, PM me!

Many Essential Oils are Calming

Ok, fast  forward back to today’s story! When my oldest started feeling bad because of seeing his brother get hurt, I recognized what he was going through and quickly looked up calming oils in my Essential Oil pocket reference guide. Since he prefers the tree oils, the first one on the list for helping to calm him down was Idaho Balsam Fir. It did the job to calm him down very quickly! This is my son that doesn’t like the smell of very many oils, and yet, he asked if he could delay washing his hands so he could keep smelling the fir tree oil. He doesn’t like anything on his hands and he was totally huffing this oil! Amazing!!

Thankful for God as our provider!

I’m so thankful our heavenly Father provides everything we need, including lots of grace and tools to help mom’s of boys! Essential oils are now my #1 tool as a mom of very active boys (or tomboys, like me!)

Very active boys

Skipping rocks

Oh, and Cypress essential oil, why is it a must, for a mom of very active boys?  It was the first oil I reached for today, to provide immediate support to my son’s healthy functioning cardiovascular system. His system worked wonderfully, within 5 minutes! He was up and jumping around within 30 minutes, just in time for my oldest son to need help to calm down.  God is so good, to not give me more than I can handle, by allowing me the time to be with each son individually today,  right when they needed me most, without overlap!

Could have used this today!

Could have used this today!

Please comment below and tell a story about a time when you used (fda compliant please,) or wish you would have used, essential oils as a mom.

Would you like to take the plunge into oily health freedom? Contact the person who sent this blog post to you or go here to read about how to get started and what a great deal the Young Living essential oil starter kit really is! Or, contact me if you have more questions!

Let’s get real!

Let’s get real and be our real selves, not some “extra perfect in front of the camera” type.  For me, it’s time to be real and hopefully this will inspire others to do the same!

Today, I’m starting my “real inspires” campaign by letting everyone know about my new Health and Habit Change Challenge, with several exciting and overwhelming changes that I’ve just made, including the “real” reason behind these changes.  Oh, and beware…I just might be a somewhat crazy, 40-year old lady that thinks she’s still 25, but here goes!

My First “Health and Habit Change Challenge”

Erin and Tiffany1. I haven’t worked out in 7+ years!  Time to get fit!  Purchased Crossfit/gym membership!
2. I’m an addict!  I stopped drinking coffee. If it weren’t for the milk and sugar, I’d have never started drinking it in the first place.

Side note:  this photo that was taken 2 years ago with a dear friend, Tiffany, who is one of those people that don’t need this 30-day challenge to keep it real, because she already does that on a daily basis and recently inspired me to get off my big rear and do something about my weight.  She’s been doing something about hers and inspiring a ton of people around her!  Love you, Tiff!

On standby for my next month’s “Health and Habit Change Challenge:”

3. I’m chronically tired.  I need to commit to get more sleep!  At least 7 hours, preferably 8, every night with a bedtime no later than 10pm.
4. I’m an addict…again!  I love sugar and especially chocolate!  I will eventually eliminate most forms of simple carbs and sugars from my diet.  My plan is to use the Trim Healthy Mama book for meal plan guidance.

lavender 5KEND GOAL:  Lose 40 pounds by September 1st and run a 5K without stopping.  Drop my sweet tooth for good (somewhat imprecise, but this one’s hard to define)

Let’s discuss more!  Yesterday, after a friend invited me to “like” the Real Inspires Facebook page, I decided to start writing and posting things that are real.  Not fluff.  Not the “I am all put together” posts when I’m really quite messy inside.  My heart and mind are full of questions, inconsistencies,  doubts, frustrations, challenges, yet there’s always humor, joy, hope, truth, faith, love, kindness, and so much more.  I’m a blessed mess and so thankful for the work that God’s been doing in my life.  Life is too short to be a goody-goody, always appearing to have it all together, when in reality, apart from the grace of God, I’m barely holding it together in this season of life.  This is such a short season, too, with my children growing up too soon, right in front of my eyes, and I don’t want to miss any of it.  Life is too short to let my weight gain, lack of fitness, caffeine-addicted self continue down this destructive path.  Life is just too short and my health, my time with my husband and my kids, and my faith need to be top priorities.  This is where I begin my #realinspires journey!

Prayers for this crazy lady (yes, me!) are greatly appreciated as I begin to deal with these two out of balance areas of my life!

Here’s the inspiration for this “real” post and many more coming for the next 30 days!  Check out the Real Inspires Facebook group today!

What is your real story today?

Does your soul prosper? Are you in good health?

This Bible verse is on my heart today:

 “1 The Elder, To the beloved Gaius, whom I love in truth: 2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 For I rejoiced greatly when brethren came and testified of the truth [that is] in you, just as you walk in the truth. 4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 5 Beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do for the brethren and for strangers, 6 who have borne witness of your love before the church.”  3 John 1: 1-6

I know there’s a lot of health and wealth prosperity teaching out there, but this is not going to be that.  I don’t believe that we can just say the words and “Poof” we’re healthy, wealthy, and wise.  I do believe, however, in wisdom that leads to knowledge and that knowledge leads to walking in a way that fully pleases the Lord. We are called to walk worthy of the Lord.  Are we walking in a way that brings about spiritual and physical health, so that we are able to love others effectively?

[Colossians 1:9 NKJV] “For this reason we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;”

[Colossians 1:10 NKJV] “that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing [Him], being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;”

I know that in this season, even as I write this blog post, this is an area that challenges me daily. I am not walking worthy and using the knowledge the Lord has given me to be fruitful.  Every word I write, I’m writing to myself tonight.

Ever since I became a Christian, the overall health of the body of Christ has bothered me.  We are, in many cases, too sick to be the hands and feet of Jesus because we’re more focused on getting well, having indulged and made our god our belly, rather than looking to eat what is needed so that we have the energy and health to be able to serve and meet the needs of others.

As a society, we have more food options than ever, between grocery stores on every corner and restaurants in every city.  This has made us healthy in one respect, because malnutrition from a lack of  healthy foods isn’t an excuse for the general population.  But now we’re dealing with a whole new set of health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.  Recent research shows evidence that, despite spending more on health care, Americans live shorter lives and have poorer health than other people in high-income nations.  Read more here.

What can we do about it?  What can I do about it for myself?  Several things, each of which would take several blogs to really do the topic justice.  But, to just list a few:

  • Sleep more


    Girl sleeping, courtesy:

  • Get enough exercise
  • Drink clean water
  • Healthy Digestion
  • Eliminate individual exposure to toxins (cleaners, personal care products, food additives, etc.)
  • Healthy, whole foods-based diet
  • Eliminate stress

lavender 5K

I only listed those that we have direct control over.  I will be talking more about each of these in upcoming blogs.  In the meantime, consider reading up on these topics by getting a book from your local library on the topic.

For example, I really like a book by Rex Russell, MD, called “What the Bible says about  Healthy Living” because he really gets into the hows and whys of what to eat, including information about how to eat a healthy, balanced diet with whole grains, healthy fats, and the right meats.  It’s an easy read and gives a lot of updated scientific support for the recommendations in the book.  When was the last time you heard a physician talk to you about how to eat for your health?  They usually just give you a prescription and send you on your way.  But Dr. Russell is sitting down with you in this book to explain how diet plays a major role in our health.

One of the major themes in his book is his “Three Principles.”  Principle I:  Eat the foods God created for you.  He delves into the Bible and lists all the things “that Scripture guarantees are designed for health and that may be enjoyed.”  We’re not getting into a theological debate about Peter’s vision in Acts chapter 10.  Dr. Russell is simply listing what God’s instruction book for living, the Bible, listed as things He recommended for food.

Principle II:  Don’t alter God’s design.  He created our body, he created the grasses, the trees, the birds, the animals, everything.  Does he know what our body, that he created, needs for fuel?  Of course, we just need to listen to him.  When we think we can “make it better”  or improve upon His idea, we often find ourselves actually making it worse.  For simplicity sake, as much as possible, eat foods as God’s word designed them, before being changed into something we thinks is better.  And yes, cooking certain foods is part of the design.

Principle III:  Don’t let any food or drink become your god.  In this chapter he discusses the potential for fasting to be an effective means to bring about healing.  The practice of fasting is observed in many cultures, both for religious and health purposes and there are many health benefits documented to result from fasting.  One of the newest fads in the Christian community is the Daniel Fast.  Just about any Bible book store will have several books on this topic.  It’s worth a try!

If you have a health problem and don’t know where to start, my naturopath suggests a few easy things.  Start with your diet and this book lays out what that should look like.  Then make sure you’re getting adequate sleep and exercise.  Fourth, consider your gut!  I’ll be writing a book review about a book that addresses gut health in an upcoming blog post.

Until then, my prayer for you is that you would prosper in all things and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.

Our new toy, a home diffuser

Our first true health trial when we decided to look at health differently came last year in December of 2014.  My husband came home from work at lunch on a Thursday, feeling awful.  If your husband comes home in the middle of the day, you KNOW something isn’t right!  I had just received my Young Living essential oils Premium Starter Kit along with a few extras that I ordered at the same time.  Dr. mom image

When your husband is sick and you have 3 young kids, what your first thought?  Was it anything like mine?  “Oh no, please, Lord, keep my kids healthy!!”  Yep, that was my first thought, too!  It was not, “Oh my poor hubby, you don’t look like you feel well, what can I do for you?”  Maybe it should have been, but with a 3, 5, and 7 year old…keeping them well kinda takes center stage because hubby can take care of himself, but these littles…well they would be completely dependent on me if they got sick.  And ooofff, we had had a rough year the previous winter.

my home diffuser with Thieves oil

It was December and my kids had been well since the summer and I wasn’t looking forward to nursing them and my husband back to health at the same time!  So, with my new, handy, Essential Oils Pocket Reference, I looked up how to stay healthy.

Can’t remember exactly how I found the answer, but when I stumbled onto the section about the immune system, it explained that Thieves oil is able to help maintain a healthy immune system.  My kids were healthy, so this should work!

ThievesI diffused 8-10 drops of Thieves oil in my brand new Home diffuser and wow!  The smell alone was wonderful!  The effect?  My kids stayed healthy and their daddy (despite many of his colleagues being out of the office for a week) was well enough to leave Monday morning to drive several hours away to visit a job site for his work.

As for the details of his recovery…well I’m not able to explain all of that.  All I know is that I was amazed by the experience, and how well diffusing Thieves oil has kept my kids health, not just this time, but all winter long!

Our new approach to health, includes not just essential oils, but a revamped whole-foods diet, lots of exercise, plenty of sleep, and trusting in the Lord!  This has given our family a sense of personal responsibility for our own health.  It’s helping us feel as if we can deal with the minor health challenges that come our way every year.

Who am I? A mommy blogger?

Who am I and how did I end up here?  A mommy blogger?  Wait, words are not my thing!  I’m much better with my hands, controlling an aircraft up, up into the wild blue where never lark nor even eagle flew!  When did my adventurous, travelling the world life take such a sudden turn?  Notice, I didn’t say “turn for the worse”, because that’s what you expected to read, wasn’t it!!

Well, guess what, it actually took a turn for the better.  How is that?  For me, my childhood dream of graduating from the Air Force Academy and becoming a pilot, so that I could eventually go to Test Pilot School and then the Astronaut program with NASA was still on course until…

Sam 050

This sweetness of 8 pounds came into my life and my dreams of the astronaut program melted away with a peaceful contentedness that caught me totally by surprise.  I never would have imagined myself a stay-at-home type.  At least not until the Lord began to transform me with his crazy love when I was still a single, twenty-something, flight-suit clad pilot.  He then oh so gently prepared me for an entirely new life, one I never would have sought for myself.

There is so much more to this story, but you will have to wait.  But by way of explanation, I just wanted everyone to know my dreams were never to be the mother of three amazing kids, a stay-at-home wife and mother, and a home-business entrepreneur.  Many women have these dreams.  Many, like me, never did.  For those women out there, working in a wonderful, crazy job, where you feel pulled in 20 directions, just know…I hear you!  I was you! You are not alone.  I was there once too!  I loved flying, still do.  But I love my family more and this life I sacrificed, in more ways than you can imagine, was worth every penny, every second, and every lost moment of adventure to live an adventure of crazy love with an amazing husband, crazy (kidding!) adventurous children, and a Savior who knows me better than I know myself and yet, still has crazy love for me.  Can’t wait to tell you all more!