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Essentials of Entrepreneurship

About three years ago, I listened to a 12-week webinar by Rhea Perry, now my mentor, about how to educate our children to think differently, to have an entrepreneurial mindset.  This webinar changed my entire approach to homeschooling.  I knew this was the direction we needed to go for our children.FB-faithlisestyle

But at the time, my oldest was still only in preschool.  And I knew that in order to teach my children to be entrepreneurial minded, I would need to develop that mindset for my self.  I can’t teach something I’m not able to do.  I also still had three young children, with my youngest still barely walking, so the entrepreneurial education was put on the back-burner for several years.

Fast forward to 2013, when I began helping my grandmother.  I mentioned her on my website front page.  She was diagnosed with a health condition that led me to do a lot of research for natural alternatives.  This research and the desire for natural alternatives led me to Young Living Essential Oils.  At the time I signed up, a home business was not even remotely my intent.  I wouldn’t do a business with a product I didn’t trust.  But trust developed very quickly when our families health improved, our immune systems began to function really well as we began using Young Living products.  The business flowed naturally out of our experience with the health benefits of essential oils and I couldn’t help but share with my friends.

Shortly after I began sharing about essential oils with my family and friends, I listened to the following audio program and was completely hooked as I began to understand the power of residual income, the kind that continues to work and earn income for you even if you get hurt and can’t work.  I decided I would turn my wholesale membership with Young Living into a family business, to help us be prepared for the future.  I had already made my $150 investiment in the company, and that’s all I needed.  I have since worked very hard to build a business with Young Living, and now my goal is to help others begin their own residual income business from home.

After you listen to this, I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Be prepared, you might actually decide that a home business is a good idea!

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