Essentials of health

Remember when I said we had an unconventional approach to life?  This is one aspect of that.  An unconventional approach to our health.

How many of you sit and ask the Lord what to do for every health and medical decision you make?  Raise your hands if you do?  Ok, I only see a few virtual hands out there!  And no, my hand isn’t raised, though I know it should be.

We are in the process of changing our paradigm about how we make medical decisions for everyone in our family.  In general, as Americans, if we’re sick, we go see a doctor to test us, prod us, take our blood for lab work, and more.  Does their science have limits?  Yes.  Does our God already know what’s wrong with us?  Yes.  So, have we put doctors and the medical field in the place that only rightfully belongs to the Heavenly Father who created us?   Why aren’t we asking him first?  These were thoughts that kept occurring to me for the last several years.  2 Peter 1:3

I have recently begun to seek the Lord first (not the only authority we seek, just the first) for every medical decision. Our Heavenly Father has already provided “…everything we need that pertains to life and godliness…”

Sometimes He provides through a doctor or a procedure.  Sometimes through the plants and herbs he created (see Ezekial 47:12) I began studying herbs and how to use them for my family’s health about 7 years ago, through the Bulk Herb Store.  They have wonderful articles and descriptions of all the herbs and spices they carry.  I began to make tinctures with dried herbs and lots of teas.  We love tea in our family and my children readily drink almost everything I give them in that format.

We also experimented with quite a few other herbal remedies, such as a really wonderful honey-onion-herb cough syrup, that I found on the internet.  We started using garlic for every ailment and illness.  One of my husband’s favorites is a garlic-lemon-honey tea that has kept him from needing to see a doctor about his sinus infections.  I’ve used this tea A LOT to help my sinus infections as well, and it works quickly, usually within 24 hours to show rapid improvement.

Then, I was introduced to essential oils.  When I first heard about Young Living essential oils, and even the first time I tried them, I thought, “What kind of snake oil is this?”  Then I did some research and was blown away by the amount of solid, published, peer-reviewed research that actually existed about essential oils and what they can do. Learn more here.

Young Living Lavender

Young Living Lavender

I also asked several friends about their experiences with essential oils.  Between my friends telling about what the oils were doing for them, and the scientific studies that had been done on them, and the Biblical history of the Israelites using aromatics as directed by the Lord throughout the old and new testament, I was ready to jump on the oily bandwagon.  To me, there is more than sufficient evidence that essential oils work, including  600 references to essential oils, and/or the aromatic plants from which they were extracted, in the Bible, according to David Stewart, PhD, in his book, “Healing Oils of the Bible.”

So this very conservative, skeptical mommy decided to give them a try.  Go here to read about our first experience using these oils in our home.  

Praying you find Wellness, Purpose and Abundance!