Let’s get real!

Let’s get real and be our real selves, not some “extra perfect in front of the camera” type.  For me, it’s time to be real and hopefully this will inspire others to do the same!

Today, I’m starting my “real inspires” campaign by letting everyone know about my new Health and Habit Change Challenge, with several exciting and overwhelming changes that I’ve just made, including the “real” reason behind these changes.  Oh, and beware…I just might be a somewhat crazy, 40-year old lady that thinks she’s still 25, but here goes!

My First “Health and Habit Change Challenge”

Erin and Tiffany1. I haven’t worked out in 7+ years!  Time to get fit!  Purchased Crossfit/gym membership!
2. I’m an addict!  I stopped drinking coffee. If it weren’t for the milk and sugar, I’d have never started drinking it in the first place.

Side note:  this photo that was taken 2 years ago with a dear friend, Tiffany, who is one of those people that don’t need this 30-day challenge to keep it real, because she already does that on a daily basis and recently inspired me to get off my big rear and do something about my weight.  She’s been doing something about hers and inspiring a ton of people around her!  Love you, Tiff!

On standby for my next month’s “Health and Habit Change Challenge:”

3. I’m chronically tired.  I need to commit to get more sleep!  At least 7 hours, preferably 8, every night with a bedtime no later than 10pm.
4. I’m an addict…again!  I love sugar and especially chocolate!  I will eventually eliminate most forms of simple carbs and sugars from my diet.  My plan is to use the Trim Healthy Mama book for meal plan guidance.

lavender 5KEND GOAL:  Lose 40 pounds by September 1st and run a 5K without stopping.  Drop my sweet tooth for good (somewhat imprecise, but this one’s hard to define)

Let’s discuss more!  Yesterday, after a friend invited me to “like” the Real Inspires Facebook page, I decided to start writing and posting things that are real.  Not fluff.  Not the “I am all put together” posts when I’m really quite messy inside.  My heart and mind are full of questions, inconsistencies,  doubts, frustrations, challenges, yet there’s always humor, joy, hope, truth, faith, love, kindness, and so much more.  I’m a blessed mess and so thankful for the work that God’s been doing in my life.  Life is too short to be a goody-goody, always appearing to have it all together, when in reality, apart from the grace of God, I’m barely holding it together in this season of life.  This is such a short season, too, with my children growing up too soon, right in front of my eyes, and I don’t want to miss any of it.  Life is too short to let my weight gain, lack of fitness, caffeine-addicted self continue down this destructive path.  Life is just too short and my health, my time with my husband and my kids, and my faith need to be top priorities.  This is where I begin my #realinspires journey!

Prayers for this crazy lady (yes, me!) are greatly appreciated as I begin to deal with these two out of balance areas of my life!

Here’s the inspiration for this “real” post and many more coming for the next 30 days!  Check out the Real Inspires Facebook group today!

What is your real story today?

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