#1 Tool for a Mom of Very Active Boys!

Mind Blown!  My #1 tool as a mom of very active boys came to the rescue yet again! What is this #1 tool?  Young Living essential oils!   Most of you know I’m a big believer in the power of Young Living essential oils, and they are rightly listed as my #1 tool, but I was seriously in awe today of how well they work!

Boys and their crazy contests! 

Today, even though I’ve been a mom for over 8 years now, I find that the creativity of my very active boys is constantly putting my mommy skills to the test,  and today was no exception!  I can’t post specifics about how we used essential oils today, but needless to say, I definitely put a few of my YL essential oils to the test. YL Helichrysm, melaleuca arternifolia, and Cypress essential oils are worth every penny and are staying within arms reach at all times, especially when dealing with very active boys who like to throw pieces of tree bark at each other and knock holes in each others heads! What’s with boys and their crazy contests!?!

Brothers--best buds!

Best buds!


Well to be specific, there was only one hole, which took me a while to discover, since my son’s cardiovascular system works really well. Not only did we deal with that, but then my oldest son, the one that dealt the bullseye blow to the head, ended up freaking out after he saw the results of his on-target throw and nearly passed out from shock. Guess he’s inherited his mom’s ability to expertly connect with another person’s pain, to the point of experiencing sympathetic shock with them (shhh, I’ve never told this story,  it’s slightly embarrassing,  eek!).

Does sympathetic shock really exist? 

Ok, if you insist,  I’ll tell you what happened…let’s take a little detour to 2 years ago.  As a mother of very active boys, this will help you understand why I take my oils with me… e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e!  Did I ever tell about the time I passed out on a walk with my kids and a friend, when my son wrecked his bike, stopping his fall with his face? Yep, shock took me out, just seeing him wreck and he wasn’t even hurt that bad. Not my proudest mommy moment, ha!  Wish I would have had my oils back then, but that was back when I was incredibly skeptical and hadn’t taken the plunge, yet, into oily health freedom! But since we took the plunge, we’ve never looked back! Want to know what I mean by oily health freedom, PM me!

Many Essential Oils are Calming

Ok, fast  forward back to today’s story! When my oldest started feeling bad because of seeing his brother get hurt, I recognized what he was going through and quickly looked up calming oils in my Essential Oil pocket reference guide. Since he prefers the tree oils, the first one on the list for helping to calm him down was Idaho Balsam Fir. It did the job to calm him down very quickly! This is my son that doesn’t like the smell of very many oils, and yet, he asked if he could delay washing his hands so he could keep smelling the fir tree oil. He doesn’t like anything on his hands and he was totally huffing this oil! Amazing!!

Thankful for God as our provider!

I’m so thankful our heavenly Father provides everything we need, including lots of grace and tools to help mom’s of boys! Essential oils are now my #1 tool as a mom of very active boys (or tomboys, like me!)

Very active boys

Skipping rocks

Oh, and Cypress essential oil, why is it a must, for a mom of very active boys?  It was the first oil I reached for today, to provide immediate support to my son’s healthy functioning cardiovascular system. His system worked wonderfully, within 5 minutes! He was up and jumping around within 30 minutes, just in time for my oldest son to need help to calm down.  God is so good, to not give me more than I can handle, by allowing me the time to be with each son individually today,  right when they needed me most, without overlap!

Could have used this today!

Could have used this today!

Please comment below and tell a story about a time when you used (fda compliant please,) or wish you would have used, essential oils as a mom.

Would you like to take the plunge into oily health freedom? Contact the person who sent this blog post to you or go here to read about how to get started and what a great deal the Young Living essential oil starter kit really is! Or, contact me if you have more questions!

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  1. Bonnie Hurless

    Erin thanks for sharing this story! (Sorry I laughed about your fainting episode! That’s taking empathy to a whole new level!)
    So glad you had Young Living essential oils to turn to!


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