Who am I? A mommy blogger?

Who am I and how did I end up here?  A mommy blogger?  Wait, words are not my thing!  I’m much better with my hands, controlling an aircraft up, up into the wild blue where never lark nor even eagle flew!  When did my adventurous, travelling the world life take such a sudden turn?  Notice, I didn’t say “turn for the worse”, because that’s what you expected to read, wasn’t it!!

Well, guess what, it actually took a turn for the better.  How is that?  For me, my childhood dream of graduating from the Air Force Academy and becoming a pilot, so that I could eventually go to Test Pilot School and then the Astronaut program with NASA was still on course until…

Sam 050

This sweetness of 8 pounds came into my life and my dreams of the astronaut program melted away with a peaceful contentedness that caught me totally by surprise.  I never would have imagined myself a stay-at-home type.  At least not until the Lord began to transform me with his crazy love when I was still a single, twenty-something, flight-suit clad pilot.  He then oh so gently prepared me for an entirely new life, one I never would have sought for myself.

There is so much more to this story, but you will have to wait.  But by way of explanation, I just wanted everyone to know my dreams were never to be the mother of three amazing kids, a stay-at-home wife and mother, and a home-business entrepreneur.  Many women have these dreams.  Many, like me, never did.  For those women out there, working in a wonderful, crazy job, where you feel pulled in 20 directions, just know…I hear you!  I was you! You are not alone.  I was there once too!  I loved flying, still do.  But I love my family more and this life I sacrificed, in more ways than you can imagine, was worth every penny, every second, and every lost moment of adventure to live an adventure of crazy love with an amazing husband, crazy (kidding!) adventurous children, and a Savior who knows me better than I know myself and yet, still has crazy love for me.  Can’t wait to tell you all more!

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