Our new toy, a home diffuser

Our first true health trial when we decided to look at health differently came last year in December of 2014.  My husband came home from work at lunch on a Thursday, feeling awful.  If your husband comes home in the middle of the day, you KNOW something isn’t right!  I had just received my Young Living essential oils Premium Starter Kit along with a few extras that I ordered at the same time.  Dr. mom image

When your husband is sick and you have 3 young kids, what your first thought?  Was it anything like mine?  “Oh no, please, Lord, keep my kids healthy!!”  Yep, that was my first thought, too!  It was not, “Oh my poor hubby, you don’t look like you feel well, what can I do for you?”  Maybe it should have been, but with a 3, 5, and 7 year old…keeping them well kinda takes center stage because hubby can take care of himself, but these littles…well they would be completely dependent on me if they got sick.  And ooofff, we had had a rough year the previous winter.

my home diffuser with Thieves oil

It was December and my kids had been well since the summer and I wasn’t looking forward to nursing them and my husband back to health at the same time!  So, with my new, handy, Essential Oils Pocket Reference, I looked up how to stay healthy.

Can’t remember exactly how I found the answer, but when I stumbled onto the section about the immune system, it explained that Thieves oil is able to help maintain a healthy immune system.  My kids were healthy, so this should work!

ThievesI diffused 8-10 drops of Thieves oil in my brand new Home diffuser and wow!  The smell alone was wonderful!  The effect?  My kids stayed healthy and their daddy (despite many of his colleagues being out of the office for a week) was well enough to leave Monday morning to drive several hours away to visit a job site for his work.

As for the details of his recovery…well I’m not able to explain all of that.  All I know is that I was amazed by the experience, and how well diffusing Thieves oil has kept my kids health, not just this time, but all winter long!

Our new approach to health, includes not just essential oils, but a revamped whole-foods diet, lots of exercise, plenty of sleep, and trusting in the Lord!  This has given our family a sense of personal responsibility for our own health.  It’s helping us feel as if we can deal with the minor health challenges that come our way every year.

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